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Website Firewall

Our website firewall is powered by mod_security (an open source solution from Apache), behind a Cisco SourceFire web application firewall sitting in the Cloud. All of this sits behind a content distribution network called CloudFlare, a cloud-based service that protects against network-level attacks like distributed denial-of-service attacks.

Website Firewall

Every single web request sent to your website is analyzed in a “deep packet inspection” manner. This means that every piece of data that goes to and from your website is inspected by three layers of information security technology: an enterprise service provided by Cisco, an open-source service powered by Apache, and CloudFlare’s front-facing network protection service.

In addition to the protection our firewall solution offers, it also provides deep analytics and logging. This allows you to better understand your website and network traffic.

SiteRaft has everything you need to manage your security, in one place

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There was a 100% reduction of hacked client sites since Astra has been integrated with Themecloud. Actually, the only hacked sites that we are facing now are because they did not
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