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WordPress (and other CMS’ like Joomla or Drupal) is an amazing, easy-to-use platform for small and medium-sized businesses to have an effective online presence.

However, with that ease of use comes a price: security.

Without vigilant security scanning, proactive patching, and active monitoring, a WordPress website is a target for hackers to install malware.

Why do people hack websites? The answer is simple: money.

Hackers break into WordPress websites to install viruses and third-party advertisements to collect financial rewards. The reason WordPress is such a target is because it powers 34% of websites, so once a vulnerability is found, 34% of the internet is hackable!

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Often times, it’s a simple lack of understanding on the website owners part – they think they can simply set up a website, and forget about it.

Wrong! Every website, especially a WordPress website, needs to be constantly updated for security patches.

In addition to WordPress security patches, there are many plugins that website owners implement that are found to be vulnerable to malware attacks. These plugins add functionality, but also increase the attack surface of your website.

The average WordPress website has 23 plugins installed, yet only 7 of them are being actively used.

There was a 100% reduction of hacked client sites since Astra has been integrated with Themecloud. Actually, the only hacked sites that we are facing now are because they did not
Laurent Vergnaud
Foudner, Themecloud.io

It is up to the website owner (or their security team) to identify which plugins are being used, and to ensure that these plugins are patched to their most current version to mitigate risk.

If you’re not actively monitoring & protecting your website, you will eventually be compromised and infected with malware. This has devastating effects to a business: blacklisting from search engines, reputation damage that impacts your relationship with customers, and even domain name blocking from DNS providers that can shut down your website for weeks.

I can’t thank SiteRaft enough for making security so easy. ‍

There’s so much that can happen to a website when it comes to security - malware, hackers, bots & what not. But I’m glad I don’t have to worry about any of it. ‍‍

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Richard Butler
Founder, WP Quick Promote
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